We made it onto the BBC Essex Dave Monk show again yesterday.

If you missed it well its good news! You can hear us again below (sampled to just the feature to make it easy for you). We were commenting on a swarm that was unfortunately destroyed that had try to set up home on a house in a newly built development (built on previous fields and farmland) in north Chelmsford.

You will find the snippet below.

If you do have a swarm please contact our swarm co-ordinator at Chelmsford Beekeepers


The Meadows

We are running a pop up stall in the Meadows this coming weekend.

We will be selling our honey and talking honey bees from our stall just outside Wilkinsons and BB Muffins. Lots of interesting things to see. We will be showing off a queen and a worker bee, you can hear and see inside an immersive beehive, try on a bee suit and taste the best tasting local honey ever!

If you ever wondered whats its like to be a beekeeper, near a beehive or just love honey then this is a great opportunity to get involved.

Come and see us and we will be delighted to answer any of your questions. We love being kept on our toes!

We will be open from 8am till 6pm on Saturday and 9:30 to 16:30 on Sunday.

CLICK AND COLLECT You can order online through our website in advance and collect from us on the day






We received a complaint from Essex County Council, that our post did not match Article 7 of EC Regulation 1169/2011 in relation to misleading statements about hayfever and honey. We have never suggested that our honey ‘cures’ or treats hayfever. We have no evidence to suggest this is even possible and have never told anyone that we claim that it does.



So the beekeeping season has begun. Our colonies have been managed at the start of this year to produce new queens to give to new beekeepers. We take off the newly formed queen cells and place them in Nucleus hives (a smaller box containing 5 or six frames of drawn wax comb) so the new queen can emerge, get mated, then hopefully go on to head a healthy brand new full size colony.

The old queen is shook swarmed into a new brood box where she can continue laying and raising new bees with some of her previous workers and drones. This allows the bees to continue to bring in lots of nectar and pollen for the success of the colony whilst negating the urge to swarm, leading to happier and stronger bees.

A newly made nucleus hive

A newly made nucleus hive