We made it onto the BBC Essex Dave Monk show again yesterday.

If you missed it well its good news! You can hear us again below (sampled to just the feature to make it easy for you). We were commenting on a swarm that was unfortunately destroyed that had try to set up home on a house in a newly built development (built on previous fields and farmland) in north Chelmsford.

You will find the snippet below.

If you do have a swarm please contact our swarm co-ordinator at Chelmsford Beekeepers


On Tuesday we had the pleasure of being interviewed live on the Radio by Richard Smith from BBC Essex on the Dave Monk morning show. Richard arrived in his technically laden BBC Essex transmitter van with a spectacular deployable dish on the roof.

BBC Essex at Wildwing Honey


Richard was game for getting into a bee suit so we could broadcast the noises of the bees, and his experience right from the edge of the hive I had selected to open. It was a warm sunny morning so the bees would be fine for the duration of the broadcast. Trying to cram his headphones into the hood and veil was quite a challenge but we got there in the end just in time to go live on air. You can hear the broadcast below.



BBC Essex interview BBC Essex interview

It was a really interesting and great day and I was pleased I didn’t say anything untoward on air. Some more photos all courtesy of Rebecca Hills – Digital Marketing Officer at New Hall School