On Friday and Saturday 1st and 2nd of April James Curtis Head Beekeeper of Wildwing Honey was invited to take part in ITVs promotional event of their new series ‘The Durrells’ which started on Sunday evening. The two day event was held at ‘The Lookout’ which is the Royal Parks education and events building built […]

Fancy a trip to the lovely city of Oxford? The Museum of Natural History – Oxford University has an exhibition on until 29th September 2016 by artist Kurt Jackson entitled ‘Bees (and the odd wasp) in my Bonnet’ “Kurt Jackson’s art is a celebration of the natural world. Recently he has been inspired by the bees […]

We take a great interest as Beekeepers in the local landscape. It is part of our duty to the insects we keep to stand up for them when they clearly can’t do it for themselves. The country has lost many acres of wild meadow and fringes to more intensive farming, development at both large (developments around Beaulieu Park […]

Wolfgang Buttress has been chosen to represent the UK and build a pavilion under the theme “feeding the planet”. He has decided to base his structure around the honeybee, with the pavilion winning a gold medal at the Milan 2015 Expo. To accompany this he has also made an album using the sounds from a colony […]

After winning the Miss Avey Award for the highest mark in the practical assessment in 2015, head beekeeper James Curtis has won another prestigious honour already in 2016. Last night James was presented at the Chelmsford Beekeepers divisional AGM with the Miss Avey award. The award is specific to the Chelmsford Division and is for ‘the […]

We are delighted to announce that we are now award winning. Head Beekeeper James Curtis was presented last night with the Miss Avey Award by Chelmsford Beekeepers Division – his local division of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). James is delighted to have been awarded such a significant honour in such a short time. The award is given for […]

Sometimes honey after some time starts to go solid and crystalise.  People often think that the honey has gone bad and that it is no longer fit for cosumption. In fact the truth is quite the opposite. It is  a totally natural process. Consider what happens in the hive when the nectar and honey has […]

Wildwing Honey are now stocked in the fabulous local family run eatery and deli Acanteen in Chelmsford. We are delighted to have it on the shelf next to other locally produced foods and treats. You can find it in the deli/Abakeshop section at the front of the store on the right as you go in. Please go and […]

Wildwing Honey have just started making wedding favours using our local Essex Honey crop from the spring. We have done this on the back of being asked by two friends Jenny and Shaun from New Zealand if we could do some honey in little jars for their ceremony at the wedding venue Ever After in Grenofen, Dorset. […]

In the world of beekeeping there is never a clear cut answer. We are after all dealing with a wild insect. We give them a home and look after them as much as is reasonably possible without intervening too much. One experiment we have been thinking about for a while is adding an extra entrance for […]