It’s tricky to stay positive at the moment whilst Coronavirus stalks the world.

But the bees are out and flying. The oil seed rape has just started flowering and with the warm(ish) sunny days, they seem to be enjoying themselves after the confines of winter. We are focusing on getting all of ourequipment in working order. This week we have fixed a really badly damaged honey super from last season. A few veneer tacks later and its as good as new. It then had a good scrape down to remove all the propolis and will soon be fitted with 10 frame castellated spacers, so the bees can store even more honey. As the oil seed is in flower we have added a super to each hive to allow the colony room to expand as some of them are on 8 frames in the brood box already. Giving them a super will allow them room for the queen to keep laying in the brood box, whilst the female workers move as much honey as they can up to the honey super. Some colonies still have packs of fondant in place (as a cover emergency measure) which hopefully means that they have enough stores during the cold days. We really need the weather to warm up so that they can get out and start working the forage and build up good numbers to really make the most of 2020 when coronavirus is behind us. We can then sit back, enjoy the sunshine and think about spending a bit more time outside. Maybe even get a bbq lit.

bees flying into hive
Wishing you all well. An hopefully we will get to be free like the bees soon. We are not accepting orders on the webshop or purchase at the door until the lockdown ends. As soon as it does you may continue purchasing from our secure webshop

We made it onto the BBC Essex Dave Monk show again yesterday.

If you missed it well its good news! You can hear us again below (sampled to just the feature to make it easy for you). We were commenting on a swarm that was unfortunately destroyed that had try to set up home on a house in a newly built development (built on previous fields and farmland) in north Chelmsford.

You will find the snippet below.

If you do have a swarm please contact our swarm co-ordinator at Chelmsford Beekeepers


On Friday and Saturday 1st and 2nd of April James Curtis Head Beekeeper of Wildwing Honey was invited to take part in ITVs promotional event of their new series ‘The Durrells’ which started on Sunday evening. The two day event was held at ‘The Lookout’ which is the Royal Parks education and events building built on top of an old reservoir.

The lookout Hyde park wildwing honey

We took along honey for 600 visitors to sample, an electronic beehive complete with sounds and moving bees, all our equipment and of course our beesuits. We talked and answered questions on everything honey bee related, gave advice on the best plants to grow to help our pollinators, encouraged everyone to buy local honey near to where the live and took a childrens beesuit for kids to try on.

It was a fantastic fun filled two days and will hopefully help promote local bees, honey and awareness of the local landscape with everyone who visited.