We made it onto the BBC Essex Dave Monk show again yesterday.

If you missed it well its good news! You can hear us again below (sampled to just the feature to make it easy for you). We were commenting on a swarm that was unfortunately destroyed that had try to set up home on a house in a newly built development (built on previous fields and farmland) in north Chelmsford.

You will find the snippet below.

If you do have a swarm please contact our swarm co-ordinator at Chelmsford Beekeepers


We take a great interest as Beekeepers in the local landscape. It is part of our duty to the insects we keep to stand up for them when they clearly can’t do it for themselves. The country has lost many acres of wild meadow and fringes to more intensive farming, development at both large (developments around Beaulieu Park for example) and small scales, and less people wanting to look after front and back gardens and paving them solid. One of the latest bodies that seem to be doing this are our local Chelmsford City Council with their latest scheme (among many others) of redeveloping Half Moon Square. In the last 9-10 years the City Council has given permission for 450 mature trees to be felled with 0.5 miles of the city centre.

What a shame the opportunity hasn’t been taken to green and improve the high street, which is already surrounded by heavy traffic and perhaps creating a green corridor through the town centre. This would benefit not only pollinators but the health of Chelmsford Residents. A token gesture of a tree and a few outdoor ‘bistro style seating areas will add nothing to the quality of the centre. A real missed opportunity!

You can find a recent news story about the changes here