We received a complaint from Essex County Council, that our post did not match Article 7 of EC Regulation 1169/2011 in relation to misleading statements about hayfever and honey. We have never suggested that our honey ‘cures’ or treats hayfever. We have no evidence to suggest this is even possible and have never told anyone that we claim that it does.


Chunk Honey 340g

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This is our CHUNK honey. Our standard large jars are filled with piece of cut comb taken straight from our bee hives, and then topped up with our spring honey crop. These look great given as presents at Christmas time as they are just that little bit extra special.

The comb inside the jar is 100% natural and made by the bees from the wax gland that every worker has. They then fill each cell with honey, then cap the top with a wax cap. We then take this from the hive, cut it into sections and put straight into jars. Such an amazing construction from the bees which can be seen inside the jar and its entirely edible.

We recommend slicing a piece off and melting onto hot toast so it melts in.

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